The Artarmon Lifestyle

Lifestyle and convenience options are in abundance in Artarmon. Just 2km to the North (or the next stop on the train, if that’s how you ride) is Chatswood, which offers three different multi-level shopping centres clustered together. These centres are home to every kind of store and service you might need, from dentists and pedicures to cinemas and grocery stores. Of course, you can’t overlook the range of amenities in Artarmon itself. While the suburb doesn’t have a group of shopping centres of its own, it does have many useful amenities such as veterinary clinics, parks, cafes and car service centres sprinkled throughout the tree-lined streets.

Artarmon train station is located to the north of the suburb. Just over the southern border (nearest the city) are the North Shore Private Hospital and the Royal North Shore Hospital. Both a primary and secondary public school are located within the area and several private schools are located in surrounding suburbs.

With Chatswood 2km to the north, Sydney city 9km to the south and Artarmon itself packed with a generous supply of amenities – locals have it made. Possibly the pick of the bunch when it comes to a metropolitan lifestyle, Artarmon boasts convenient access to workplaces in the city, Chatswood and North Sydney. With fantastic access to metro Sydney as well as a range of different styles of homes, Artarmon attracts folks of all different ages and life stages. Those in the majority are bachelors and bachelorettes of all ages as well as families. Half of the locals were born in Australia. The next most common countries of birth were China (8%), England (4%) and India (4%).

No matter what type of home you’re after, chances are good that Artarmon has it on offer. In this postcode there are apartments galore (most are located on the city side of the train line), plus large freestanding homes of different eras. Artarmon locals have a lot to love about their home, boasting easy and quick access to Sydney, North Sydney and Chatswood hot spots. Within Artarmon is a fantastic range of daily conveniences and facilities for residents to choose from. Best of all, you can enjoy it all from almost any size and style of home you like.