Neutral Bay

Neutral Bay is the perfect home for busy professionals.

Originally selected as a port for visiting international vessels (thus “neutral” bay), and once a bohemian village, Neutral Bay today is home to young professionals and well-to-do families. Once you get away from the pumping Military Road, Neutral Bay has plenty of spots to relax a moment. Take a walk down the meandering, steep roads towards the water and you’ll find beautiful parks where you can watch the boats bob or perhaps the locals playing ball games.

Neutral Bay shopping, eating and drinking is crowded around Military Road, where you’ll find The Oaks Hotel, which incorporates a courtyard, bars and restaurants. More restaurants line either side of the road, from cheap takeaway (Noodle Star is a stand out) to more refined restaurants. Big Bear is a small shopping centre on Military Road near the major bus station, incorporating Coles, fruit and vegetable shops, a bakery and other stores, together with medical offices.

There are several heritage-listed homes in Neutral Bay, together with art deco apartment buildings, grand mansions, and contemporary architect-designed masterpieces. Beautiful Neutral Bay is the champagne of suburbs. Make this place your home and you can leave work late and still be home for dinner with the family, or a cocktail with friends. If Neutral Bay has a flaw, it’s Military Road, a bottleneck of an arterial which is a bugbear for locals.