A Slow Pace of Life

This pleasant, quiet and green suburb on the Lower North Shore offers a village-type atmosphere with remarkably easy access to the Sydney CBD just across the bridge. If there was a single word to best sum up both the life and atmosphere in Waverton, “sleepy” would likely be it – which is quite a rare and unusual thing to say about a suburb so close to the centre of Sydney.

It’s full of greenery, sits right on the water, and boasts a train station on a major railway line with trains that stop every 3 to 5 minutes, yet it remains almost eternally under the radar as both a place to visit and live in Sydney.

While most other Lower North Shore suburb names are immediately recognisable, Waverton is one that even long-time Sydney residents may not have heard. Its relatively small size may be a reason for this – as is the fact that it’s a highly residential area with not much else to offer in terms of entertainment or shopping other than a few local cafes, a semi-iconic bakery, and some lovely stretches of greenery alongside the water.

Young professionals may still find it offers an ideal balance of access to the city for work while being able to “take a breather” upon returning home. It’s an extremely pet-friendly suburb, too, with all of its streets lined with grass (unlike many CBD-adjacent suburbs) and large pet-friendly parks – perhaps most notably the excellent Berrys Bay which doubles as a soccer field and provides a gorgeous view across the water to the Sydney skyline.