Crush your electricity bills

LED Replacements
Did you know that upgrading your lighting from Halogen to LED brings multiple benefits including increased energy efficiency, lower electric bills, greater performance and longevity? Plus, no maintenance upkeep required given that globe replacements and transformer replacements are not needed! Under the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme there are also incentives available for household lighting upgrades. 

Energy Efficient Appliances
Yes, purchasing an energy efficient appliance is the first step – the general rule of thumb is to focus on products such as whitegoods and other home appliances with a 4-5 star rating and with efficient cycle functions. From there it’s a matter of implementing practical everyday habits such as only doing a full clothing wash or dish load, utilising “quick wash” or “economic cycles” rather than full boiling only the water you need rather than filling the kettle to the top. 

Seasonal savings
Depending on the season, there are some really easy ways to keep your energy bills down such as installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have a fantastic dual purpose, they be programmed for both the warmer and cooler months just by changing the mode. In the warmer months the fan should be set to rotate anti clockwise. The blades then push the air down at a fast speed to create a cool breeze and is a great alternative rather than relying solely on expensive air conditioning. For the winter months, the ceiling fan will rotate clockwise on a low speed to gently push down the hottest air that has risen in the room down.

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